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Building personal relationships to better understand your needs
We appreciate your patients. Let's connect you now.

Connect Pharmaceuticals brings a new level to pharmacy care

When examining the options for long-term care pharmacies and patients in the Treasure Valley, we felt something was missing: a connection. Gone are the days where the neighborhood pharmacist was a part of the patient care plan. With Connect Pharmaceutical’s comprehensive approach, we not only work with the patient, but we include ongoing communication with providers and facilities to ensure the highest quality of care is given.

Connect is committed to delivering services reliably and accurately to alleviate extra stress for patients and caregivers in long-term care.

Our services to independent living connected to assisted living centers is a truly unique approach to pharmacy services. Our pharmacists don’t just operate on medication orders and mindlessly fill prescriptions; they are actively engaged in your care. We work to create a partnership with your provider which allows us access to your laboratory results as well as your medical condition on a near-instantaneous basis. 

We're locals. So we get it.

Connect Pharmaceuticals is a locally and independently owned long-term pharmacy providing service that exceeds the competitors. Our approach of combining the benefits of a large chain pharmacy with a relationship of a neighborhood pharmacy allows us to customize a patient and facility's needs in a way that our competitors cannot. We know our patients, our families, our facilities.

What you can expect from us

Live-time drug utilization review

Available 24/7

Our highly trained pharmacists take pride in their in-house 24/7 after-hour services. We have a pharmacist available for any emergency order that comes in and needs to be addressed before the next morning.

EMAR Software

Our system interfaces with yours! This allows us to provide your team with a safe approach to manage medication administration.

Drug Utilization review

Our pharmacist will review each medication for correct dosing, monitoring, and any potentially harmful interactions, along with many other checkpoints. Our proactive approach prevents medication adverse reactions before they happen.

Medication Returns

We work with the facility to return and properly dispose of medication. This is done in practice with state and federal regulations.

Custom Medication Packaging

We work to reduce medication errors by our unique packaging to fit the facility’s needs.

Immunization services

We come to you! Let us help immunize you patients and avoid the hassle of taking them to the pharmacy or doctors office.

Education and Training

To reduce medication administration errors our team is here to guide your facility through updated and correct methods and techniques.

Innovations and Technology

No need to call or fax the pharmacy for reordering. We offer a HIPAA secure communication that allows your staff to communicate with us without interrupting your med pass.

In a world of increasing financial and regulatory pressure, we help communities manage their residents to achieve the best clinical outcomes, while containing costs.

Redefining the way long-term care patients receive medication therapy. We do not just dispense medication, but work with your provider to insure a cost effective approach without compromising care.

Online payment portal gives clients options to customize their payment preferences. Automatic payments, ACH, or one-time payments can be made here.

Our services to independent living connected to assisted living centers is a truly unique approach to pharmacy services.

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